Let's Be Bold. Let's Be Innovative.

Dear Friend,


I am a firm believer in strong public education, which is essential to ensuring the future of Arizona and our great nation. Our Founding Fathers were so sure of its importance to our success, that some, including Thomas Jefferson, went so far as to say that it should be secured in our Constitution.

In my mind, great public schools should never be a partisan issue. As someone who attended private and public schools and has taken full advantage of school choice, I recognize that my life has been a fortunate one. Between my parents and grandparents, my brothers and I were well taken care of and encouraged each step of the way – we had great support and had the luxury of focusing on our school work.

I realize that the opportunities that have been available to me are simply not available to everyone.

Public education is “the great-equalizer” in this respect. It is free for every child, overseen by the community it serves, and it should be excellent. The District must be governed by what is in the best interests of the children served, and having qualified and motivated educators is key to making the district great.

SUSD must be an environment that allows teachers and administration to have the time, the ability, and the resources to help students thrive. Our school system must work for everyone and anyone who wants to participate and succeed. It must be a system that fosters motivation and hard work, rewards excellence, and serves as an unshakable educational bedrock for the future of our students.

Every child - regardless of class, race, religion, sex, or orientation - deserves the opportunity and resources needed to succeed. We must all stand behind this as a core value. By voting for me, I will do everything in my power to make that a reality. I will work to restore trust, accountability, and sound leadership in the District.

If you believe in a strong public education system then I ask you to join me and my team in fighting for bold, innovative leadership come November 2018.

Thank you,


Jann-Michael Greenburg