Keeping Our Priorities Straight

The SUSD community is a large one, but the community of stakeholders in our students' education is even larger. From the children in the classrooms to potential international employers seeking well-educated, motivated students, the list of interests that school boards could take into account is infinite. Choosing the right ideas and voices to guide us, and striking the right balance between them, can be difficult.

The Board must...

Contribute to the Success of SUSD by:

  • Keeping the education and success of students our main priority.

  • Advocating at all times for the better funding of public education.

  • Focusing our efforts on building our public schools up, rather than tearing them down to develop alternative education options.

  • Understanding the needs of parents, children, teachers, and administrators, and taking those views seriously.

  • Respecting the views of organizations and representatives of stakeholders, especially those of the SEA.

  • Setting out our key values and expectations not just for students, teachers, and staff at school, but for parents and the community outside of school.