My long term goals

An effective school board requires effective policies which are adhered to, regularly updated, and in line with best practice nationally and internationally. The current SUSD Governing Board has failed in its obligations to the community it serves. It has permitted individuals with little to no qualifications and questionable backgrounds to serve in SUSD's administration - some of whom we now know participated in seriously wrongful behavior. It has failed to follow the proper procedures established by its own rules, to include not appointing an independent, internal auditor to ensure our public funds are not squandered or otherwise wasted.

The Board must...

Implement clear reform by:

  • Making sure policies are transparent and help achieve accountability in all decision-making processes.

  • Reorganizing its policies to be coherent and accessible.

  • Updating all of its policies to fall in line with local, state, and federal laws.

  • Ensuring its policies are in line with best practice.

  • Following those policies, clearly and publicly explaining why any such policies have not been adhered to.

  • Hiring a Chief Ethics Officer/Ombudsman who reports directly to the Governing Board and investigates any allegations of wrongdoing by District employees.

  • Implement robust ethics policies to prohibit, for example, any District employee from obtaining any benefits from District vendors, abusing District resources, and having undisclosed and unapproved conflicts of interest; and​​

  • Issuing impact statements for new policies.

  • Assessing how policies have been applied and their effectiveness to targeting specific issues, if relevant.