Public Involvement

A good school board should offer ample opportunities for the community to share its thoughts, and a great school board should take the time to listen to the community and address their questions, comments, or concerns.


The Board and District have failed to listen to the community they serve, including the many complaints, suggestions, and ideas made by students, teachers, and parents alike. This has been problematic for community members who had no opportunity for input in the rebuild of three of our historic schools, as well as teachers who feel decisions are being made without their consultation. Our community now feels alienated in its own school district, and that needs to stop.

The Board must...

Encourage Community Input by:

  • Splitting regular meetings over two days. All discussions on reports and items to be voted on should occur on the first day, and all public comments and voting should occur on the second day.

  • Ensuring the District presents multiple, well-publicized opportunities for teachers and staff to share their views on potential in-school changes.

  • Respecting the views of the SEA, and reintroducing the TEA.

  • Requiring the District to address concerns raised in its community input meetings, and present details of when community input meetings were held and how they were publicized prior to a Board taking action on a recommended in-school change.

  • Fostering greater community involvement by opening discussions to the public on major changes and development ideas.