A great decision-making process needs to be inclusive of the community's views. Unfortunately, our Governing Board has ignored the community's input and concerns regarding expenditures funded by tax payers, poor employment decisions, and unquestioned changes within our schools. We have seen excessive expenditures on athletic fields, administrators accepting bribes from District vendors, bid-rigging, falsification of résumés, and the list goes on.

A school board should remain accountable to the community it represents, and its board members should constantly uphold their fiduciary duties to the district and community. Sadly, the SUSD Governing Board has failed to properly hold itself accountable and evaluate the decisions it, and the District, are making.

The Board must...

Rebuild Trust Between the Board, the Schools, and the Community by:

  • Taking personal responsibility while serving on the board, ensuring that information relied on is correct and accurate.

  • Investigating all matters adequately and in good faith before making decisions.

  • Investigating and rectifying any errors, mistakes, or issues when they become apparent to the Board.

  • Becoming fully transparent, maintaining sufficient records to enable community members to hold the school board to account and ensure well-informed debate.

  • Properly using open meetings laws and ensuring closed, executive sessions are held only when truly appropriate.