School Funding, Choice and Vouchers

The freedom for children to attend those schools that suit their needs best is essential for our community members. This includes helping those most in need attend institutions which can help them the best (e.g., students with special needs). To this end, a voucher system with supervised schools may really benefit children who depend on alternative education opportunities to succeed.

That being so, public education is our nation's bedrock. It is the only educational institution with guaranteed free tuition and education for every child and recognized academic and teaching standards with community oversight. Sadly, a severe shortage of funding and cuts made to the public education sector has led to stagnant wages, increased classroom size, overworked staff, and shortfalls in qualified teachers.


The proposed expansion of the Arizona school voucher system exacerbates this problem, increases segregation in education opportunities between rich and poor, and poses a serious risk to not only those students and families who need it the most, but to Arizona's public education system as a whole. Our Governing Board's failure to adequately address this issue by challenging our legislature's plans is not only harmful to our students and schools, but a violation of their fiduciary responsibilities to them.

The Board must...

Promote a Well-Funded Education System by:

  • Opposing the expansion of the ESA ("Voucher") program.

  • Directing a larger portion of funds to teachers and classrooms, not just administrators.

  • Using tax payers' money efficiently to maximize students' learning. 

  • Accounting to the community to ensure funds are used in a way that students and teachers can support and from which they can benefit.

  • Establishing budgets that are forward thinking and flexible to meet the needs of our schools and constraints of our funds.

  • Hiring respectable, independent external auditing firms, rotated every 3 years, to ensure our limited funds are being used properly.

  • Hiring an independent, internal auditor who is able to constantly test internal controls and prevent the cronyism, nepotism, and criminality we have seen over the past 2 years.