Student Focused and Forward Thinking

Ensuring that our students are receiving the best possible education and opportunities should be the paramount consideration of the Governing Board and the community it serves. Tomorrow's students are today's future, and a school board needs to consider not just what students and teachers need now, but what they will need in the future.

Our Board has focused too much on competing with charter schools, emulating some of the worst aspects of them, to include gutting special needs programs and ignoring community oversight. The Board has forgotten that if we focus on ourselves, trial and error innovative educational models and best practice, the results - and students - will come.

The Board must...

Make Student Focused Decisions by:

  • Requiring that key change decisions taken by the Board or District include a statement setting out why the Board or District believes that decision is right for the affected students and schools.

  • Listening to, and reviewing, community members' input, and maintaining inclusivity in the decision-making process.

  • Finding and implementing the best ways we can support our teachers and principals.

  • Identifying and implementing best practice from other schools nationally and internationally in our own.

  • Investing our time and funds in selecting the right leaders for our schools and teachers for our students.

Prepare for Students' Futures by:

  • Acknowledging the key role that science, technology, engineering, and math play in today's, and tomorrow's, economy.

  • Following changing trends in employment opportunities and technological development. 

  • Ensuring that every student is able to complete work at a level commensurate with his or her grade.

  • Providing opportunities for students to study new fields so that they are successful in tackling the challenges they will face in their future.

  • Making sure we instill a hard-work ethic and growth-mindset in our students.