Scottsdale Unified School District always welcomes community members to volunteer at its schools. Volunteering positions include home room parent, teaching aide, extra-curricular activities helper, chaperone, front desk operator, and so much more.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities near you and how you can help our District, visit the District's volunteer page here. You can also contact a school's principal, PTO or APT, or the Scottsdale Parent Council to learn more.

Representing Your Community

If you are interested in helping represent your community, there are many ways to do so open to the public. The Governing Board encourages interested members of the public to join PTOs, APTs, and the Scottsdale Parent Council.

The Scottsdale Parent Council holds monthly public meetings and has a number of committees made up of Scottsdale Unified School District parents covering food and nutrition, communication, and other key matters which help the Governing Board and District administration do a better job of serving its students and community. To learn more, visit its website here.